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moo [userpic]

(no subject)

August 8th, 2007 (12:56 am)

Help us!

There be no wifi in the wild wild west, dangit! We're at the grand canyon stealing the internet at omgwtf?! prices. :P

runs back into the heat

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May 19th, 2007 (11:17 am)

current mood: accomplished

Title: A thousand Things
By: moominlady 
Pairing: Sheppard/Weir
Rating: PG
Summary: 'Seeing her in that bed... he thinks that maybe he should have listened to her.'
Authors notes: Thanks to mizz_magenta for the beta. And to lamichelle for the Semi-beta :P (and also to blowersgatefor giving me the idea.)

Spoilers: Season 3 finale "First Strike". Haven't seen it? Don't read it :P


A Thousand ThingsCollapse )


moo [userpic]

Thankyou Mr Chuck Campbell!

February 6th, 2007 (01:21 pm)

It's official. Torri makes things Canon. :D

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My con report...

February 5th, 2007 (09:09 pm)

current mood: crazy

Ok, so not much of a 'report' Because those of you who know me well enough, know that I'm completely useless at remembering things off the bat. The best way for me to remember things is by people asking me questions. So this post is gonna be more of a con... account of events. :P

Click!Collapse )

Questions people, questions! :D

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(no subject)

February 5th, 2007 (08:48 am)

current mood: tired

Hey Guys.

After having some time to think about it, and a few conversations I had with people over the weekend, I've decided to make my LJ a friends only site.

I'll keep all non fandom related ramblings public of course, but everything fandom related is gonna be private. I have my own reasons for doing this - Non of them as a result of anything bad happening However, my reasons are my own. Basically, I just don't think some people want to hear about my fandom rants and vice versa.

So yea, This is a friends on LJ from... now! *cuts red tape*

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February 1st, 2007 (12:51 pm)

current mood: cheerful


moo [userpic]

happy rant

January 31st, 2007 (10:25 am)

current mood: content

Sg-1 'The Shroud' I'm not reviewing it... just having a happy rant :)Collapse )

/happy rant.

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(no subject)

January 30th, 2007 (08:31 am)

current mood: annoyed

As it turns out. All the bottles of WKD and Smirnoff Ice I thought we had down the celler aren't there anymore. Some drunkard's already snaffled them. *curses*

Looks like I'm off to Tesco to see if they've got any on offer...

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January 28th, 2007 (10:00 pm)

current mood: blah

... I need fic.

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(no subject)

January 24th, 2007 (01:42 pm)

David Nykl has been announced as a Bonus Guest for Pegasus2. Ok, I'm looking forward to this a lot more now. I want to see him and David Hewlett on stage together! Even better would be David and Paul but hey. You can't have everything now can you. :P

No actually, scrub that. I'd rather have David, Paul AND Torri on stage together. Hell, I want the whole cast! :P

It'll be nice to see Nykl again. The pictures I got from last time were all fuzzy and generally crap. :P

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